All talk seems lost…


There is a profound lack of communication in our Garden City.  As flowers bloom in the sunlight for all tourists to see, members of our community wilt in indifference.  House prices are inflated, rental rates continue to climb, and there seems no end to this monetary madness.  Those who can’t afford are left behind like unwanted animals at the SPCA; dehumanized through distorted disconnect.

Healing begins with feeling.  Healing can’t commence with shut lips, tied tongues, turned cheeks, closed eyes, and upward noses. Voices go unheard. All talk seems lost. Loose truths result in busted trust.

“I see faith going out my door. I’ve seen the better things falling through my floor.”

Communication is the way to connection.  Connection can bring resurrection.  Who will speak for the muted masses? We will.  We are not afraid.  Who will listen?  Hopefully you.

Finding our way…

Dispataches B&WWe’re coming Victoria. It’s been a long journey – so many stories to tell.

In the meantime…

“There comes a time, when what we say leads their minds to a better way – to a Greener day.”

The Lost Talkers